Project Time Management Training Background pelatihan manajemen proyek online

   This  course will offer an overview and implementation of Project Time
    Management.  The  course  is designed and  based on the perspective of
    improving  project  delivery,  which  is  one metric of a Project Time
    Management  success;  and  practically it is an important measure. The
    industry  that have implemented  Project Management need to ensure the
    Project  Management is providing expected results, and adding value to
    the  business  within  particular  time  framework.  This  course will
    provide  strategies  and  tactics  to enable process improvement for a
    currently established project management procedure in the organization
    executing projects.

   The  course  shall  provide  the  capabilities  to the participants in
    determining  how  best  to use the Project Time Management methodology
    for  organization  advantage,  and how to develop and use a competency
    model  for  project  professionals involving in the projects. Discover
    methods  to  implement  the  typical  project  time management and the
    specific  functions  which  should  be performed as related to project

   Assess  the maturity of your project management team and recognize its
    contribution  to  professional responsibility in project management as
    related to the time constraint.

   The  course  is  built  around  a  series  of  consecutive  structured
    lectures, class exercises, and class discussions with the perspectives
    of project management.

   The  scope  of the course includes discussion of the components of the
    Project   Time  Management  Knowledge  including:  Recognize  critical
    characteristics  of  a  PM  team  to  foster organizational success in
    implementing  the  projects  ,  prevent  runaway  projects,  conduct a
    project time audit , perform a competency analysis, identify key roles
    and  responsibilities  in  project, conduct an project  implementation
    assessment  within  the  perspective  of  time  management  framework,
    establish  metrics  for  gauging and monitoring performance, develop a
    project    implementation  plan,  use  the   project  management  best
    practices to promote project time management.

    Project Time Management Training Objectives pelatihan manajemen waktu proyek online

      * Understand   the   challenges   which   will   be    faced  during
        construction  and  project implementation, and how to address them
        effectively and efficiently as related to project time management
      * Learn  how  to  evaluate key metrics of success during the project
        life cycle, and how to improve project results  performance within
        defined time frame (milestones).
      * Learn  techniques  to  manage  time  in  project  portfolios  more
      * Improve   time   management  strategies and tactics for addressing
        time   within  the cycle of  project processes such as related to:
        initiation,  planning,  execution,  monitoring  and  control,  and
        completion (closure)
      * Learn   how   best   practices  in  project  time  management  are
        implemented,  and which of the strategies and tactics may be right
        for participants from specific organization.

    Project Time Management Training Audience: pelatihan time management online

   Senior and Middle Project Managers with responsibility for the project
    execution,  and  Project  Management  team  including  Methodology and
    Functional   Experts,  Project  Managers,  and  Project  Coordinators.
    Managers  wishing  to  increase  or  update their knowledge of project
    management methodology functions and processes, and especially in time
    management.  Others  with  an interest in improving project management
    results  within  their  organizations,  and  who would benefit from an
    understanding  of  the  project  management  knowledge  as  related to
    project  implementation.  Direct  involvement in a particular project,
    either  as  a project manager or as a staff member, then this training
    becomes a recommended prerequisite.

Project Time Management Training Contents

    1. The perspectives and overview of  Project Time Management (PM)
     2. Coping with Runaway project
     3. Case Studies and Exercises

    Project Time Management Training Methods :
      * Presentation
      * Discussion
      * Case Study

Jadwal pelatihan konsultan pelatihan 2023

· batch 1 : 24 – 26 Januari 2023

· batch 2 : 14 – 16 Februari 2023

· batch 3 : 20 – 23 Maret 2023

· batch 4 : 4 – 6 April 2023

· batch 5 : 15 – 17 Mei 2023

· batch 6 : 26 – 28 Juni 2023

· batch 7 : 17 – 19 Juli 2023

· batch 8 : 14 – 16 Agustus 2023

· batch 9 : 25 – 27 September 2023

· batch 10 : 10 – 12 Oktober 2023

· batch 11 : 7 – 9 November 2023

· batch 12 : 5 – 7 Desember 2023

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